It's true. The beautiful (football) game has taught me a lot, and also unlearned a lot.

I am a passionate soccer coach, who has worked with youth, women and senior soccer players for 26 years.

My mission was to help them become strong, resilient and creative through exercise, while inspiring them to love exercise and (football) sports - not to see it as an obligation, but rather as a fun escape to the stressors of life. I was blessed to work with boys and girls of all ages and abilities and train them for the same mission: to become the strongest versions of themselves on and off the soccer field. The game of football is more than just the execution of a dribble or pass ... it also has a positive and powerful mindset for life.

Over time, I have come to realize that in addition to training footballers, I moved more towards coaching coaches and clubs. I get excited about helping trainers and clubs help them with their training and operation. This is the reason that I went more to the advisory and practical side of the game of football, more next to and behind the lines than between the lines, being more of a help in improving trainers and the operation of clubs, and this at home and abroad. abroad.

Soccer is my life. However, if there is one thing that I have learned, it is not learning that makes you stand still and even deteriorate. Learning is one of the points that football coaches should always keep in mind. After all, if the trainer gets better, his football players also get better!

Football is not an exact science, we can learn from each other and with each other.